Essay on A Busy Market Scene in English

By | May 14, 2019

A market is a place where a large number of people assemble for the act of buying and selling. Nowadays the whole world has become like a huge market. But the idea of market being a place still holds good. In big cities, markets are generally localized and specialized. There are cloth markets, the electronic goods market, motor parts market, fruit and vegetable markets, cattle market and so on.

The main markets in Karachi are Saddar Empress Market, Bohri Bazar, Jama Cloth Market, Khori Garden Hardware Market, Jodhia Bazar, Lee Market and Boulton Market. Some famous shopping centers are Tariq Road, Hydri, Paposh, Clifton, Emporium and Saddar is the biggest Centre. You can buy all kinds of goods, commodities and wares from the shops and multiple stores. It presents a busy scene throughout the day. But in the evenings there is a heavy rush of customers, pedestrians and sight-seers.

Some young people simply come to warm their eyes and rub their shoulders with ladies. One of the unique future of Karachi markets is the presence of large number of ladies in fascinating dresses. Men have to loosen their purses only. During shopping sprees-heavy buying and selling at the time of festivals, the shops are open for twenty-four hours. There are generally more attractions and allurements than the money in your purses.

Eid was drawing near. My brothers and sisters insisted to visit the Saddar market. It was evening time. There were unending lines of buses, mines and cars on the streets. In spite of being ‘no- horns’ area, our ears were deafened by the sounds of horns. There were streams of people on the footpaths and the narrow lanes of Bohri Bazar. People of all ranks high and low, fashionable and ill-clad rubbed their shoulders. Due to heavy traffic, it was rather difficult to cross the roads.

The shops were full of customers. After some jostling and elbowing, I pushed my way into Fashion Garments. Clothes of various designs and sizes were scattered all over the counters and floor. Some Ladies were busy in arguing and haggling: It was all rich men’s show. We finished the buying and picked up the packets and made the payment. Suddenly a gentleman howled. “My purse”, He was relieved by some pick-pocket. He had still to make the payment. Anyhow; he borrowed the money from his friend and saved his face.

Our car was parked far away from the busy scene. We stepped on the road. I had to force my way through an unending line of cars. Some fool spit pan from a car. My trousers were spoiled. I cursed the new upstart. In the rush, my small brother was lost. We searched round. He was found enjoying ice-cream cone at a footpath vendor. The funny slogans of the hawkers attracted the children. It looks about twenty minutes to reach our car. When we reached home, the clock truck nine hours.

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