English Essay on Female Education

By | May 13, 2019

Both the progress and prosperity of a country depending on the education system. Education makes people civilized, cultured and law-abiding. Education is a function of democracy. In the words of the great philosopher Aristotle:

“To neglect the education of the young ones, is to weaken the constitution of the country”.

The present political chaos in the country is the direct result of lack of proper education. Education is equally important for both boys and girls. Basically, education is universal need, rather right of every citizen. Keeping in view the requirements and conditions in a developing country like Pakistan, we need greater educated manpower. We badly need more scientists, more mathematicians, engineers and technicians and doctors for building the country on modern lines. Our greatest and crying need of the time is to build up and strengthen our defences. For a strong, stable and prosperous Pakistan, we require educated, honest, devoted and dedicated young persons.

As stated above, education is an equal right of women. ‘Girls are said to the light of home’. If they are educated, they will carry the light where ever they go. The percentage of education in Pakistan is hardly 26%. It is very low as compared to that of the other SAARC countries. The female percentage is about six percent. It is evident from the number of boys and girls educational institutions in the country. The major population (70%) living in the villages, is completely neglected. [the_ad id=”17141″]

If we want to have a harmonious growth, female education is to be given due importance in the national planning schemes. More girls schools and colleges are to be opened all over country. Primary education must be made free and compulsory both for boys and girls. More share is to be allotted for the purpose in the national budget. Special attention is to be paid to teachers’ training. Teachers are the builders of the nation.

If the women are educated, they can prove better mothers and wives. They can educate the children and have great influence on them. They can teach them respect for the superiors, the teachers and the laws of the country. Educated mothers are good housewives and better halves. They manage the house well; look after the comforts and health of the family. If they are educated and religious minded, they can help in improving the moral tone of society. It is a dire need of the time. They can block the swelling current of public corruption. They can inculcate love for goodness, truth and justice among the youths-the future citizens.

The women should acquire education for the sake of enlightenment and knowledge, and not for completing with their counterpart-men. It results in social problems like late marriages, unsuitable matches, problem of unemployment. Female factors in services has closed the doors of employment for many able men. Instead of vying with men and assailing the masculine fields, they should help and coordinate with males in the best interest of the society and the country. Our religion Islam has assigned different duties and responsibilities to men and women. They can best serve the nation by following its precepts. Let the will of God prevail upon the will of the Believers. There lies true emancipation for women.

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