Duties of an Ideal Student Essay in English

By | May 13, 2019

Ideals and models are old ideas. Honour and dignity are missing in all the strata of society. Acceptability and convenience have taken the place of relevancy and truth. What pleases and suits personal ends, passes for fair. As we find, truth is an excellent thing when it suits one’s purpose, otherwise very inconvenient. Character the gem and the highest value in life, is little cared for.

The ideals have become hollow talks, much to the talked about and little to be practiced. The old maxim: If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost; but if the character is lost, everything is lost, has lost its appeal. Now, the order is reversed. There is a dearth of the good characters and ideal persons.

The modern ideals are beautiful models, fashion models and T.V and Film, models. Life has become more materialistic, showy and vain. In fact modern civilization is lop-sided. It is more weighted on the side of the material and less on the side of moral character. Under the circumstances, the search for the ideal type, is difficult. Still we can distinguish between “What we are and what we ‘ought to be’ What we do and what we ‘should do’ The must’ and ‘should’ are the ideals.[the_ad id=”17141″]

An ideal should be the model, an example in all respects. To begin with, ideal students is loving and respectful towards his/her parents and brothers and sisters. Home is the nucleus for society and the nation. An ideal student is also a good member of society. He respects his superiors. He helps the neighbors and the needy. Consideration and comfort of others, does not allow him to go out of the limits. He knows that every right has a corresponding duty. He never molests or teases the members of fair sex. He is a citizen in making. Honesty and fair play are ideals before the person. He never misses a good turn.

The ideal type is a source of inspiration for college mates. He guards against projecting anything bad and base on others The juniors respect him, and the seniors love him.

The ideal student loves learning and never neglects his lessons and studies. He does not put day’s work for the next day He has great respect for the teachers and the authority. Others praise and appreciate his conduct. Regularity, punctuality, submissiveness; politeness and courtesy, command respect for him. He is cooperative and social. He hates use of unfair means or cheating.

On the national scene, ‘duties first and rights afterward’, is the motto before the ideal type. He obeys the laws; does not violate the traffic rules and cooperates with the police. He hates public corruption and condemns crimes. He is patriotic and always prepared to defend his country. He is a man of conscience. He is inspired by cardinal virtues: goodness, truth and justice in his life.

An ideal student is a person of character. He proves a good worker, official and businessman in future life. As a politician, he can prove a real asset for the nation. Only Godfearing persons have proved good rulers.

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