Can Meaning Be Fixed Essay


  • Introduction
  • It is not possible to fix the meaning
  • Supporting Arguments
  • Understanding of life varies from person to person
  • Failure has different meanings for different persons
  • Every person has his own way of thinking
  • The struggle has multiple meanings
  • Specific meaning and parameter cannot be fixed
  • Meanings of gestures are not the same in the world
  • Meaning of knowledge for a literate and illiterate cannot be equal
  • Money has different meanings for the rich and the poor
  • Meaning of religion is different for a believer and a non-believer
  • Machine means a symbol of progress for scientists a Red color has different meanings
  • Music means food for soul for music lovers but it is a nuisance for others
  • There are different forms of government in different countries
  • Capitalism is a blessing for a few and a curse for others
  • Perception of women is different in different societies
  • Conclusion

It is impossible to fix meaning. Different words have different meanings. Thi world is naturally progressive. Meanings of certain words change with the passage of time. There are many words in the English language which have more than one meaning. Meaning of a word ‘Apprehend’ is to catch or arrest. It also means to understand. So, single meaning cannot be fixed for a particular word. Many activities in life have different meanings for human beings. An adventurous person considers mountain climbing a source of enjoyment. It is full of pleasure for him. On the contrary, it might be a cumbersome task for a person who is not interested in such an adventure. It is highly refreshing for a person to swim in a deep river. At the same time, it can be a foolish act for another person. Hence, meaning cannot be fixed because people take things according to their own perception. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Moreover, understanding of life varies from person to person. Some people face many difficulties in life. They have to work day and night to fulfill their wishes. Life means a bed of thorns for such people. They have to pay a heavy price for what they achieve in life, while, some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They enjoy every luxury of life. Life means a bed of roses for these blessed ones.

Similarly, failure has different meanings for different people. People having strong will face their defeat courageously. They always learn from their mistakes. They get rid of their shortcomings and success becomes their destiny. Some people have low motivation level. They cannot accept their fault. They are not ready to improve themselves. Failure impacts them negatively. These people often remain behind in the struggle of life. So, failure does not have the same meaning for people. Hence, meaning can never be fixed.

Besides, every person has his own way of thinking. Some people cannot bear criticism. Criticism means insult for them. On the other hand, criticism is a tool of correction for strong minds. They take it positively. They believe that criticism throws out impurities of life. Sometimes, they ask critics to evaluate their performance for correction.

In the same manner, struggle also has multiple meanings. An honest person always believes in struggle. Struggle means the only way to success for him. He only uses fair means to achieve his aim in life, while struggle is a useless thing for a deceiver. He always tries to take advantage of his cleverness. He cheats and hoodwinks others for his interests. The struggle has no value for him.

Likewise, one cannot fix specific meaning and parameter in life. Two bomb may not have same style of working. In fact, many candidates qualify CSS exam every years Success has no fixed meaning for them. A group of candidates may consider success a source to grab power, while another group may take it as an opportunity to serve me country. Even mode of preparation varies from candidate to candidate. Thus, meaning and procedure cannot be fixed for anything. [the_ad id=”17142″]

Furthermore, meanings of gestures are not same in the world. It is an honor for Chinese and Japanese to bow while meeting a person. They consider it a way of respecting others. The same gesture can be pathetic and humiliating for the Europeans. A salute by a junior means a sign of respect for a senior officer in forces. He can get angry if his junior does not salute him. The same gesture has no value for a civilian officer. Salute has no importance for him. As a result, meaning cannot be fixed.

In addition, money has different meanings for both the rich and the poor. Money means a source of pleasure and entertainment for a rich person. He has millions of rupees and money is less important for him. He has no tension when the prices of things go up. Inflation does not affect him but money means life or survival for a poor man. He works for many hours to earn his livelihood. His difficulties increase when the prices of things rise. Inflation affects his purchasing power.

Knowledge is a matter of life and death for a literate. An educated person works hard to enhance his knowledge. Such a person gathers every piece of information which may help him in his life. In fact, he knows that only knowledge can make him superior to others. Contrary to this, knowledge means nothing for an illiterate. He puts up no efforts to get knowledge. He is not ready to take pains for learning.

In the same way, religion is the most important thing for a believer. He respects his religion from the core of his heart. A real believer also allows others to follow and practice their religion. He embraces the restrictions imposed by religion happily. He considers his life purposeless without religion. On the other hand, religion means a chain that limits freedom for a non-believer. Non-believers do not have any inclination to follow a religion. They consider it an unnecessary thing in life.

The machine is a symbol of progress for scientists. They invented certain machines which facilitated human life. Scientists believe that machines have revolutionized man’s life. Devices have speeded up the pace of progress in life. Literary writers give different meanings to machines. They are of the view that these devices are more troublesome than they are worth. Machines need human hands to operate. They have further increased human labour. Human beings maintain these machines. The literati opine that machines have made men their slaves. Machines have brought men away from nature. Modern devices are responsible for the hollowness of man. In such a situation, it is not beneficial to fix meaning.[the_ad id=”17150″]

In the same fashion, red colour has various meanings for different people in society. Red colour is a symbol of love for some people. Red rose is often presented to loved ones. While, others consider red colour a sign of danger. A group of people wear red shirts in Thailand. It may be a symbol of revolution for them. People’s perception of a single colour is different. This very colour is the colour of blood. Blood is a sign of life. There is no life without blood. At the same time, it can be a symbol of war and conflict. In this diverse world, it is not appreciable to fix meaning.

Music is food for soul for music lovers. They consider it a part and parcel of their life. They listen to the songs of their favourite singers and feel fresh. Some people also like certain musicians and their symphonies. There are some human beings who declare music a nuisance. They do not like it. They consider it a waste of time. Some of them are of the view that it is one of the major causes of noise pollution.

Adding more to it, there are many forms of government in different countries of the world. There is a parliamentary form of government. A group of politicians claims that the parliamentary system is better than presidential one. They are of the view that former is more democratic than the latter. Their opponents favour presidential system. History is evident that both the systems have been successful in certain countries. The parliamentary system succeeded in England. While, presidential system proved successful in the US. Hence, meaning cannot be fixed.

Truly speaking, capitalism is a blessing for some and a curse for others. Some countries like America, Britain and Pakistan favour it. These countries believe that a person can accumulate as much amount of wealth as he can. It depends upon the efforts of a person how much he earns. China and Russia do not support capitalism. Such countries declare it irrational. These countries have socialist behavior. In such contradicting environment, it is not wise to fix meaning.

Last but not least, perception of woman is not same in different societies. Women get respect and honour in enlightened societies. She has equal opportunities in life. She is not treated as subhuman. Women have played a vital role in the progress of developed countries. On the other hand, condition of woman in the Third World countries is highly deplorable. She is kept within the four walls of houses. She has no say in decision making. She is only there to serve men. So, human perception of woman varies from region to region. In such situation, one cannot fix meaning. To conclude, it can be said that it is not possible to fix meaning. Meanings of words are different in different cultures and societies. Human perception about life and happiness is not the same. Some things which are of utmost importance for one have no value for others. This world is heterogeneous. A single criterion cannot be fixed even for a similar task. In the end, it is imperative not to fix meaning in this ever changing world.

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