Beggar Nuisance Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Begging is a common practice. It has become an occupation with some people. Begging is a social problem in Pakistan. It has become a nuisance in big cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Pindi and Islamabad. In fact beggars are parasites. Instead of working and earning bread by honest labor, they resort to begging.

Some men, women and children prefer begging instead of working. They are not ashamed of themselves. Even young and able-bodied persons follow the line of easy living by begging. They follow you like shadows. They hang after you in pubic places-parks, hotels, hospitals, bus-stops and marketing centers. Many ring the house-bells and make calls on you. Even trains, buses, petrol pumps and marriage halls are not spared by them.

The most degrading and disgraceful thing is that they chase the foreigners and lower country’s image and prestige. Even tourist centers in Swat and Northern Areas are not safe from begging. In many places there are organized gangs of beggars. They lift children, kidnap them and force them to beg. Many of them are pick-pockets and thieves. Pakistan T.V. has shown some organized activities of the gangs. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Beggers have infested the whole society. Some of them are suffering from contagious diseases, leporacy and wasting ailments. They are a constant source of danger for others. Most of them are ill-clad, dirty and stinking. They have strange ways of begging. One comes across strange and repulsing figures on trains. Maimed, lame, blind, cripple, and with open wounds, beg by chanting slogans, by singing and acting.

No doubt, poverty is one of the reasons behind the undesired act. We must help the needy. But you visit the shrines, and charity food centers, you will find a team of beggars, most of them shout and fit to work. They live on charity. Some even curse you if you do not oblige them. Then there are mobile groups of beggars. They move from on place to another place, from on province to another province. This means begging is rich occupation.

Begging is a blot and blight on society. It is shameful and degrading for the country. It must be stopped by law. Sometimes the government does start campaigns against the beggars. It is not sufficient. Begging must be stopped by law. Poor-houses and centres are to be opened for the really poor, cripples and the old. The stout and able-bodied should be given work. This has been done in the state of Hunza.

Reformatory and training centers are to be opened for the young and children. Those who violate the laws, should be sent to jails. Beggers jail are to be started. Above all people must stop giving alms and charity to beggars. The money is. to be subscribed to poor houses.

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