Be Pakistani and Buy Pakistani Essay in English

By | May 11, 2019

The caption in both a political and economic exhortation for the countrymen. We are living in an age of intense nationalism, the driving force behind all political movements and revolutions. Constant vigilance is the price of liberty. Freedom demands sacrifice.

It is, indeed a great honor to be a Pakistani. We are the owners of great heritage and glorious past. Only the sense of historical past keeps a nation alive and inspires to noble deeds the traditions that keep a nation alive. Traditions. always die hard. The past traditions hold great sway on the young minds.

Equally important is our culture embedded in Islamic values. Culture is a compound of three factors:

  1. Artifices
  2. Behavior patterns
  3. belief system (religion)

All peoples are distinguished by their cultures. As a nation, we must love and uphold our culture. President Zia-ul-Haq gave us the call – Be Pakistani and Buy Pakistani. We have our own political and religious identity. Not to respond to the call, is like cultural suicide.

Mental servitude is worst than political slavery. Politically we are free, but mentally we are worst slaves. The rich and the educated hate of national culture. National dress is a mark of our identity. Economically it is cheaper and becoming. Go to Bharat, Ceylon, Burma and other African countries. They love and patronize their national dresses. See the greatest Muslim congregation during Haj at Mecca and Madina. Hajis don their national dresses, but the case of Pakistani is otherwise. One would hardly see our men in Jinnah caps.

Similar is the case in social functions and parties. People display their sartorial sense in western dresses; ladies wear sarees. What a cultural anomaly! The upper strata of society set the trends. English pictures, western music, dresses, home setting and mixed gatherings all belie our national heritage and culture. We must be Pakistanees first then only we will buy Pakistani. It is a clarion call. Let us first free ourselves from mental slavery.

We always look to the west for ideas. Ideas are like opium for modern minds. Most of us live imported standard. No doubt we are living in an age of fusion of cultures. But to commit cultural suicide is crime. God has given us every. ‘Apne des meen subkch Hai payary’ Dear, there is every thing in our country.[the_ad id=”17141″]

From economic paint of view there are two races – the búyers and the sellers. In some way or the other, all of us play the dual role. According to economic maxim: Consumption is the end of all production. It is our national duty to buy national products, the things produced in the country. Sales are governed by demand and supply. By buying Pakistani products and goods, demand shall increase and in turn, it shall increase the production. It shall reduce imports and save foreign exchange. The people’s money (Buyers) will remain in the country.

It shall also put an end to clandestine activities like smuggling, hoarding, and black marketing. Many banned items are smuggled and sold at exorbitant prices. When businessmen import goods, they have to pay a bribe to the concerned officers and custom. By patronizing local goods, all these evils can be checked.

Except for luxury goods and articles of social vanities, all things are produced in the country. To buy Pakistani is to be the Pakistani; and as real Pakistani, it is our duty to purchase locally produced goods. It is not only the best national investment but also a positive step towards ‘Protection’ – the much ‘needed economic encouragement for national industries. Foreigners living in Pakistan seldom imitate our behavior patterns or patronize our artifices. Why should we? So be Pakistani and always buy the Pakistani – made in Pakistan.

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