An Effective Teacher English Essay

By | May 12, 2019

Teachers are supposed to be the Builders of the nation. They are like mental parents of the students. Unlike the work of others, a teacher’s work cannot be because he/she works in the quarry of the human heart. Teaching is a noble profession. It is a missionary job, and nobody can pay or compensate for the services of a good teacher.

The great freedom fighter Mohammad Ali Johar has said that there is a scarcity of good teachers among the Muslims, more so in Pakistan. The work of a teacher calls for devotion and dedication, a spirit of service and sense of simplicity. All these qualities are lacking in the new generation.

An Ideal means a model, a perfect combination of both the qualities of the mind and the qualities of the heart. It is a rare combination. It is truer in education that as you sow so will you reap. Education has been the most neglected subject in our country. In spite of the dearth of good teachers, students are lucky to find good and ideal teachers.

Such a rare example is Mr. Zak. He is my ideal teacher. He is a born teacher. He possesses the qualities of both mind and heart. He is an intelligent, wise and widely read person. He has wonderful control on the students. Students in general, hold him in awe and respect him. As for as discipline is concerned, he is a very strict rather martinet professor.

Mr. Zak possesses an impressive and inspiring personality. He practices what he preaches. He is always punctual and regular in taking the classes. He never shuns his classes, nor does he teach carelessly. He puts his heart in his work. The students are always active and attentive by his asking questions and recapitulation. Nobody can enjoy mental excursions, or go to sleep in his class.

Mr. Zak is a versatile teacher. He has not only good ‘command on his subject but he can also guide and counsel them on various subjects. This shows how well informed and well-read he is. Generally, teachers decry their profession; whereas Mr. Zak is proud of being a teacher. He is a philosopher in true sense as he believes and practises service and simplicity. According to him money has secondary importance in life. What counts is work, dedication and devotion.

Mr. Zak cherishes multiplicity of interests. He is a good sportsman, a good debater and a good writer. He possesses a wonderful sense of responsibility and duty. According to him, a good teacher is also a good actor. He has proved this practically. Side by side to teaching the subject, he also gives moral lessons to the students. According to modern philosophy, teaching should be combined with moral lessons so as to produce good and dutiful citizens.

He is above all regional and political distinctions. He believes that the true test of an educated person is not his/her the knowledge but his/her being. I love and adore my ideal.

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