A Walk Through Moon Light Essay

Nature is full of great beauty and bounties. She has a benign influence on man. According to Wordsworth nature is a companion and comforter of man and leads from joy to joy. The rising and setting of the sun, the murmuring brooks and rivers, the lofty mountains, the lush green fields and the waxing. and waning moon, are some of the pleasing aspects of mother nature.

It was spring season. The sky was blue and clear. The ‘Radiant Queen’ of the night (the moon) reigned on the sky. It was full moon in bloom. Everything was washed in white. I opened the window of my bed room. Her soft rays made it bright. I gazed and gazed at the Diana (goddess of moon). I felt as if she was inviting me to come out into the open. I could not deny the call. After putting on my joggers, I set out for a walk. My reverie was broken.

I stepped up on the road and found it calm and quiet. The city bore a tranquil look. It appeared as if a white sheet was spread all over. I looked over the fence of my garden. The flowers were lulled to sleep by the soft rays of the moon. The tower clock had struck eleven hours. The street lights appeared dim before the moonlight. The cool, night airlifted my mood. I crossed the road and bent my steps towards the river bridge across the river. [the_ad id=”17141″]

I walked up half a mile over the beaten track. The standing crops at my right in the fields were dancing in the breeze. The moonlit filtered through the tree leaves and fell on the ground. I saw some cattle at rest and chewing the cud. Some monkeys jumped on the branches as if they were playing hide-and-seek. The moon shone brightly on the graveyard near the river, on my left-hand side. My steps were arrested when I saw the old’ and new graves. I offered a prayer for the departed souls. The dumb graves gave the message: ‘The paths of glory lead but to the grave’.

Soon the mother nature raised my spirits. I continued to walk till I reached over the river bridge. I posted my self over a pillar. The big moon was reflected in the water. I picked up a piece of stone and threw into the river. The ripples shattered the image of Diana. It made me laugh. My attention was drawn by the sound of splashing water. I looked down the bridge and saw some fishermen hauling the net. They were happy and singing over the big catch.

Soon my attention was diverted by the distant whistle of the train. The train speeded up and soon passed over the bridge. Then I crossed the bridge and set on a mile stone musing on the surrounding landscape. Strange thoughts were passing through my mind. I reflected over the creation of God. It was nearing midnight. I traced back my steps towards my house. The scenes, sights and sounds were heard saying:

How beautiful are Nature’s phases!

How wonderful are God’s images!

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