A Visit to an Exhibition Essay in English

By | May 12, 2019

Exhibitions are an important means of advertisement and popularizing of national products. They are an index of the country’s industrial and commercial progress for the laymen and visitors. They are good source of amusements and diversion.

Industrial exhibitions, Book fairs, flower shows, etc. attract large number of buyers and fans. Lately an exhibition was held in Karachi near National Cricket Stadium. The entry was with tickets. There were also seasons tickets on which various costly prizes were kept. Some’stall keepers also awarded attractive prizes on advertised sales.

I visited the exhibition with parents along with my brothers and sisters. As we drove to the exhibition ground, all roads appeared to lead to the grand show. We purchased the tickets and entered the ground. Our eyes were dazzled with bright and colourful lights. There was great hustle and bustle every where. The stalls were beautifully decorated. The goods were displayed in attractive styles. There was a beautiful fountain with colorful bulbs in the middle of the ground.

I went round and spent three hours in the Exhibition. The eastern corner was reserved for various shows, games, Merry-go-round, Well of Death and other fun-land items. There was a great rush of children and young people enjoying the rides. I was spellbound to see the feats of the moto cyclist in the Well of Death.

Chat, cold-drinks and shack stalls were dotted about in between the commodity stalls. The deptt. of Pakistan Export Bureau had also arranged for a big stall. There was great rush around the stalls that had kept prizes on sales. I also purchased some items to try my luck. My younger brothers and sister had great amusement at the Funland. After eating ‘chat and drinks, we sat on the lawn round the fountain.

The foreign stalls attacked quite a large number of business persons. As there was a great rush, we had already appointed a meeting- point, in case we parted company. My younger brother Shahbaz was lost in the fun-fair. My parents were greatly worried. After half hour’s frantic search, we made an announcement from the exhibition office. Elderly gentlemen brought him to the office. We thanked him.

After purchasing some books, garments, toys and cosmetic goods, we decided to return home. Due to heavy rush and parking dis- order, I found it difficult to put my car on the route. The deafening horns and dust storm round the ground were very taxing for my nerves.

I learned a lot about Pakistan’s great Industrial progress and products after seeing the exhibition. Such exhibitions help in promoting import and exports. They provide both information and fun for the visitors. They give the leason “Be Pakistani and buy Pakistan products”. They foster sense of national identity.

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