A House Wife’s Problems English Essay

He for the field and

She for the home.

(Lord Tennyson)

Woman has to play different roles in life as a daughter, wife, and mother. The ideal place for a woman is her home. As a wife, she acts as a lover, consoler, counselor, guide, controller and administrator of home affairs. Her lap is the first school for the children. Thus she has to perform multiple duties.

In villages, the women also render a helping hand to their husbands on the fields. They have to fetch water from long distances; carry grub for their husbands working or toiling on the fields. Beside their demostić duties, they shoulder out-door responsibilities as well. Poet’s lines about fishermen’s wifves are worth quoting:

“For men must work and women must weep,

Through the harbour bar be moaning.”

(From Three Fisherman)

In town and big cities the position is different. Quite à large number of ladies do jobs. The well-to-do depend on servants, maids and ayas. They give more importance to social engagements, shopping and outing. Their life is full of social vanities. Life, for them is beauty instead of being Duty. Strangely they are also very vociferous about the rights of women.

The life of a typical house-wife is different. She possesses secondary mental feminine qualities like simplicity, modesty, shyness, coyness, patience, and domesticity. The last is the most important. She has to face various problems. She has to manage the whole house. Her first duty is to look after her husband and the children.

Her most urgent problem is the domestic budget. It is a problem for her to cut the coat according to the cloth. In these days of worst inflation, she is always running out of things. To her, Purse is a curse. She is always grumbling about impure milk, adulterated commodities and poor diet. Still she is patient and thankful.

The lady has to get up early in the morning and prepare the children for school. The kiddies come up with new demands off and on. To iron the clothes and give breakfast in time, is also a problem. The poor house wife has little respite. She has to do the laundry, cook the food, do the sweeping and scrubbing by herself. The difficult problem for her, is to keep within the means. She often runs short of commodities at the end of the month. The last week is full of tug-of-war.

The problems of food and clothing goad her. She must satisfy the children and please her husband. She must maintain families. prestige in the eyes of the neighbors and relatives. As a wife, the woman also saves for the rainy day in spite of her problems. She learns to see comforts through the clouds.

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