A Good Teacher English Essay

Teaching is the most respected profession even today when most of the professions have become commercial. The most respected person in one’s life is a teacher. Parents give us birth and rear us but teachers make us real human beings. A good teacher is an incarnation of God and he leaves an indelible impression on man’s heart, mind, and soul. The profession of a teacher continues to be honored in spite of the fact that teaching is no more service of God’s people.

Teachers have started selling their services. They force the students to take tuitions after school hours. They charge very high tuition fees. Schools in big cities have become highly commercial. Many teachers exploit their profession and greed for money and position has entered this profession also.

But still, there are a lot of teachers who are worthy of being worshipped. Every successful person has been fortunate to have availed the services of such teachers who continue to be the topic of students’ discussions all their lives and they continue to get inspiration from them. Pakistan has produced teachers who have left indelible impressions in the hearts and minds of numerous students.

An ideal teacher should be sensitive, with a genuine ability to tune into the minds and feelings of the pupils. He should be tolerant of his pupils because they are immature and in the process of learning. An ideal teacher should make even a boring lesson seem interesting and to enliven the atmosphere in the classroom. He or she should be capable of providing emotional support whenever needed. A teacher must be resilient because teaching is a demanding profession that drains a person emotionally and mentally. A good teacher must be receptive to new ideas and alert to new changes. Last but not least, an ideal teacher must practice what he or she preaches. He or she must live up to the standards he or she expects from the students.

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