A Good Mother Is Worth Hundred School Masters Essay

Nothing in the world can compare with the sublime love and noble sacrifices of the mother. It is universally acknowledged that all the great men of the world owe their greatness. to their mothers. Mother moulds the character of a child who ultimately grows into a man or woman under her benign influence and loving care. Children are said to be the climax of married love. It is the mother who bears, brings up and nourishes the children. George Herbert has paid great homage to the greatness of mother in the words:

“One good mother is worth a hundred school masters”.

There is no doubt that mother has a very profound influence on a child. Children are born in the pain of the mother. They open their eyes in mother’s lap. She devotes her days and rights in nourishing and bringing up her children. A mother’s lap is said to be the first school of a child. She is the guardian angel for it. Mother can inspire the child with noble thoughts by giving religious instructions and moral lessons. She can teach respect, obedience, honesty and fair play to the child. The good, habits formed in early childhood, become the part of a person’s character and traits of good personality.

A child learns the lessons of honesty, cheerfulness, patience, self control, spirit of service, sense of responsibility at home- the first school of the child. The mother is its best teacher, guide, counsellor and reformer. The child learns by listening and by imitation. The mother is the best example before him/her. A good mother shapes the child’s character both by precepts and examples. By narrating the stories and achievements of the great heroes, the mother gives the lesson Lives of great men tell us, We can also make our lives sublime. [the_ad id=”17141″]

The child grows into young man or woman. In the words of the great poet Wordsworth. ‘Child is father of man’. He grows under the protective wings of the mother. A teacher is said to be mental father of students. He/she teaches hundreds of students. But the loving influence of mother is better than the lessons imparted by the teachers. A teacher’s services are limited to the class room. but the mother’s influence is seen everywhere in man’s life. According to the famous Hadith of the Prophet (SAW) ‘Paradise lies at the feet of the mother’. She is responsible for both the worlds of a child.

The great prophets and sages had begun their lives at the feet of their mothers. Nepoleon, Dr. Johnson, Washington, great poets like Grey and Sir Walter Scott and Allama Iqbal and others are indebted to their mothers for their grand success and achievements in their lives. Iqbal’s poem Mother’s Love (Maan-ki-Mamta) is a great elegy to motherhood.

An educated and loving mother makes men’s lives; but a bad mother spoils their lives. They turn into thieves, smugglers, pickpockets, cheats and vagabonds due to neglect of mothers and frustration of parental love. Good parents breed good children, bad parents, bad children. It is true of man’s life: As you sow, so will you reap. Mothers sow and great men reap success, fame and greatness.

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