50 – Years of Pakistan English Essay

Time passes on and leaves its footprints on history. History tells us what man has done and what man is. fifty years is it good span in the life of a nation. Pakistan appeared on the map of the world with a bang on 14th August 1947, the holy right of Ramzanul Mubarak, shab-e-Qadr.

Like all births, the birth of Pakistan was marked with great pains and sufferings. Thousands of People-men, women and children were killed in cold blood. Millions of people were forced to leave their homes and hearths and walk through bloodshed and fire to reach Pakistan. The very survival of the infant nation was in danger. But the brave Pakistanees irrespective of their local considerations, put their shoulders to the wheels; weathered all the storms, and put the country on a sound basis.

Alas! all these sufferings, miseries and sacrifices were in vain, for what followed is a story of selfish aims, political intrigues, economic exploitation, nepotism, favoritism, corruption and pull and push. We have forgotten that constant vigilance is price of Liberty. No country can survive without collective thinking and patriotic feelings. The Two-nation Theory-the philosophy for the creation of Pakistan has been openly flouted by some selfish politicians.

The country has passed through various ups and downs, sunny and misty days during the five fateful decades. The following is a sketchy picture of the achievements and losses, events and incidents in economic, political and social fields.

Pakistan, as a new country began at a stretch. Economically she was very backward. There were no industries worth the name. Anyhow, through wise planning, the country has made progress with leaps and bounds in the industrial sector. We can now boast of fine textile products, heavy Mechanical complexes, Steal Mill, shipyard and other defense-oriented industries. But, alas! the gains have gone to the rich and the big shots. The poor have become poorer. Our general standard of living is very low.

[the_ad id=”17141″] The Agricultural sector has shown some improvements with the introduction of mechanical farming and use of good manures and scientific seeds. The successive five-year plans (seven) show below the yield of the target. Nothing has been done for the villagers in terms of better living conditions, collective bargaining, health and education, good drinking water and infrastructure. Much has been on paper only.

Politically there has been a hopeless mess in the country. Most of the selfish, characterless and time-serving politicians; have made worst foolery of the electorate that is mostly illiterate. Democracy is a function of education, and as long as the general masses are poor and illiterate, democracy will remain a farce, a distant dream. The short history is full of political intrigues, palace conspiracy, changing loyalties, Lotacracy, Party dictatorship and pelf plundering.

The country has seen three military rules and one civilian marshal-law. Kashmir war and three military confirmations between India and Pakistan have destroyed goodwill and peace in the area. The country was broken due to selfish and ambitious designs of new politicians. It was the great national tragedy and shameful showdown in Muslim History.

The Pakistan ideology (Islamic polity) has been thrown into the background. The National Assemblies were broken and dissolved time and again by the stiff-necked. The constitution has been changing, and there had been no stability and rule of law in the country. Every time the people have been the worst suffers.

Education is indispensable for progress, political stability and civilized and disciplined way of life. Unfortunately, it has been the most neglected field in Pakistan. The colleges and universities have been worst areas of political rivalries, factional and regional groupings. The rising generation badly lacks in self-respect, discipline and patriotism. Regionalism has crept and infiltrated in all the walks of social life.

Socially the people have fallen worst victims to mental hatred, class consciousness, selfish aims, immoral practices – corruption, bribery, favoritism, and nepotism. As a nation, morally we are bankrupts.

Qaid-e-Azam conceived Pakistan on Islamic Polity. If we want to survive in the words of Iqbal: “We must turn to the Quran”, Negligence and departure from Islamic norms of life are the main causes of our sufferings and showdown. Let us put our hearts together and not our heads together.

Let us put our hopes in God and hold fast to His rope. Let – us mend and abjure! Let us abjure before the curse of Allah descends on us.

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