Any Excuse Is Good Enough for an Evil Doer Story

Once a hungry wolf was drinking water at a stream. He saw a lamb drinking water far down stream. The wolf was greatly pleased to see it, and decided to eat it. He went up to it and said angrily. “Why are you making the water muddy. Don’t you see that I am drinking it?” The lamb began to tremble with fear, and said, “You can see that the water is flowing from you to me, sir. How can I make it muddy?”. The wolf was greatly ashamed to hear that answer. But he said, “Why did you call me names last year?” “You are mistaken, sir. I am only six months old. Then how could I call you names last year?” replied the lamb. “Then it must be your mother,” replied the wolf,” and you must be punished for her fault”. Saying this he jumped upon the poor lamb, tore it into pieces and ate it up.


  • Any excuse is good enough for an evil-doer.

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