Where I See Myself in the Next Twenty Years? Paragraph

Twenty years from now I will be standing on the balcony of my mansion wishing I could’ve told my younger self that I had nothing to worry about. My career in event management would skyrocket exponentially and I would be dealing with international clients, arranging events from Olympic Games to lavish parties for some of the biggest names in Forbes magazine. My work would take me all over the world to cities like London, Johannesburg, Paris and Milan. As a part time job I would also be a radio jockey and host a live, weekly programme because this is something I always wanted to do as a child.

My beautiful, loving wife would frequently accompany me on my globetrotting experiences. Not only would she be gorgeous but also good at heart and a famous author. Her books would garner her worldwide fame and together we’d make the cover of many magazines. I would be a father of two very intelligent and caring children; a girl and a boy. They would also accompany me on my trips during any of their school holidays. [the_ad id=”17141″]

I would be living in a huge mansion that would house a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a home theatre. It would be simply but elegantly decorated by the best interior decorator in the country. My parents would also be living with me in my mansion so that they can be a part of my happiness. I would own at least four of the latest sports cars and occasionally participate in local racing contests. I would also have two large, bulldogs called Rocky and Bonzo. On my days off I would take them on long walks.

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By the next twenty years, I would be nearing completion of my charity hospital, which I would name after my mother. This hospital would provide free treatment and medication for the non-affording masses. I would be one of the biggest contributors of this hospital but I would also encourage other wealthy people to donate generously. I would organize huge charity events every four months to raise funds for my hospital.

Lastly, with the help of my wife, I would begin to write my autobiography so I could share the story of my success and fame with the rest of the world. Life in the next twenty years sounds so amazing that I’m impatient to be done with my student life and begin my journey to success.

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