There’s Something I have to Tell You Paragraph

Sameer had been studying late the previous night so he slept right through his vociferous alarm. By the time he woke up, he had already missed half of his classes for the day. With a growling stomach, he headed downstairs to the kitchen where he found his mother preparing lunch.

“Oh good, you’re up. Do you want me to make you an omelette?” said his mother as she poured him a glass of milk.

She looked at him tenderly and patted him on head before she headed back to the stove. Sameer suddenly felt as though he had woken up in an alternate universe in which his mum was a docile, sweet lady who never raises her voice. What had happened to his fiery, no nonsense mother who wouldn’t have let him hear the end of it if he missed school.

Short Paragraph on A Debating Society

Sameer was silently contemplating this unusual occurrence while munching on toast when his mother mentioned that his father would be joining them shortly for lunch. Sameer stopped chewing in surprise. As far as he knew his father barely ever came home for lunch. He started having a queasy feeling in his gut that something wasn’t right. Later when his father reached home, Sameer found himself enveloped in a tight hug from his usually taciturn father. While having lunch, his parents seemed to have lost their appetite before his father finally spoke up.

“Son, there’s something I have to tell you even though your mother disagrees with me but I feel that you should know.”

The next words punctured Sameer’s heart like air-filled balloons being stomped on by numerous feet. He was an adopted child. They had adopted him right after birth but they had no idea who his real parents were. As far as they were concerned, he was like a real son to them and they loved him more than anything in the world. His father wanted him to know because it was better that he find out from them rather than from strangers. Sameer felt as though he were in a dream and desperately wanted someone to wake him up. His father then handed him an envelope saying that his real parents wanted him to have it. With shaking hands Sameer opened it to reveal a paper with the words:

“Happy April Fools’ Day, Son!

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