The Person I Admire Paragraph

One of the people I have always had great respect and admiration for is my mother. Undeniably part of it is because she is my mother but it is also because of who she is as a person. She possesses a quiet grace that shows in the way she talks and the way she handles every situation. She remains calm and composed in circumstances where others have developed stress ulcers. Others often flock to her in their worrying times to lighten their burden.

Another attribute is my mother’s remarkable patience and endurance. There are trying times in everyone’s lives and when it comes to my mother, she has graciously borne the difficult times till better ones have arrived. She sees complaining as a weakness and a waste of time. She would rather invest her energy into doing something that would make her feel better about herself. Last year when she was bedridden for a week because of a severe backache, she said she enjoyed the pampering instead of complaining about her pain.

Why You Suddenly Had to Leave Your City in a Hurry Paragraph

My mother has a presence that lights up whichever room she walks into. People enjoy her company because she is genuinely interested in what they have to say. Even though she does have strong opinions on different topics such as politics, she relates them in such a way as to not offend anybody who may have disagreed with her. Her vivacity has made her equally fond among children who queue up to her vying for her attention at every gathering. She somehow manages to talk to them in an engaging manner without being condescending or judgmental like so many other adults.

Her limitless energy and zeal for life seem to infiltrate every bit of her. I have never seen her laze around. She says that when she is old with frail bones that is when she will be lazy. Her body clock is so tuned to waking up early that she has never set an alarm to wake up. There has hardly been a day when I have seen her put off work because she is not in the mood or is feeling low. Her motto has always been that life should go on despite the hurdles because that is what makes life.

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