The Most Beautiful Sight I Ever Saw Paragraph

As I stepped through the sliding glass doors of the hospital, I was welcomed by gushing rain pouring from a sea of angry, gray clouds. Some people were clutching umbrellas while others were drenched to the bone. All of them seemed to be in a hurry, either to get into the hospital or to leave the hospital. I had no reason to be in a hurry. I smiled at my daughter as we waited for my son to bring our car so we could go home. I looked once more at the chaos the storm had brought. It felt like the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.

I had just been discharged from the hospital where I’d spent the last four months confined to a bed. For a month of that time, I had been in coma but for the remaining three months I was conscious and aware of what was happening around me. The only dilemma was that I was suffering from a rare disease that had zapped all my strength. I could barely move my arms without getting tired. Everyday I would wake up wishing that I hadn’t.

Autobiography of a Hotel Boy – Paragraph

Before my illness I had always led a very active life. I was an avid equestrian and fairly good at tennis. Not a day went by that I didn’t go for a jog. To be a prisoner inside my own body was the most trying period of my life. There is only so much television that one can watch; only so much music that one can listen to. My family was the only thing that kept me going; from completely falling apart. My wife and children would show up everyday to ensure that I was being taken care of properly. I had never foreseen a time in my life when I would be so dependent on others. Eventually, fate turned around for the better.

An experimental drug was prescribed to me which turned out to be a miracle for me. I slowly gained my strength back. I began counting the days when I would no longer be facing bleak hospital walls, no longer be eating bland hospital food. When I was finally discharged from the hospital, I felt as though I had been reborn. On the day of my discharge as I stepped out of the hospital, I felt part of something bigger. There was life all around me. I felt alive once more.

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