The Fox and the Crow Story

One day a hungry fox wandered about in search of food. He reached a garden. There he saw a crow sitting on the branch of a tree. She had a big piece of cheese in her head. The fox’s mouth was full of that. He wanted to have that piece of cheese. He hit upon a plan. He said, “O! Crow, how shining your feathers are! You look very beautiful.” The crow was greatly pleased to hear these words of admiration. When the fox saw that his words had the desired effect he again said, “Your voice is very sweet. Will you, please, sing a song?” The crow opened his beak and began to caw. No sooner did she open her beak that the piece of cheese fell down on the ground. The fox picked it up and went away saying, O! Crow, don’t take the trouble to singing. I shall hear your song some other day.” The crow realized her mistake, and it began to repent over her folly.


  • Beware of flatterers.

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