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Before my 16-year-old brother, Ammar had left for his school trip I told him that I would use his Xbox One, a gaming console, all day long. It was one of his most prized possessions and he barely ever let me use it. However, on that particular day he seemed unnerved at my using it. The reason for his good mood was that he and his schoolmates were heading to the Astola Island for a few days. Astola Ísland is a recently developed holiday resort with amenities for swimming, scuba diving and dolphin sightings and more. Like any other younger brother I was jealous that he was going to have so much fun while I got stuck at home. On top of that he and his classmates would be traveling on a ferry.

Short Paragraph on Hiking (450 Words)

A few hours after he left I was watching a football match on television when my father came into the room looking pale with worry.

“Turn on the news channel, Faizan!”

To my horror it showed video footage of a ferry being capsized. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My brother along with a hundred other people was on that ferry. Helicopters seemed to be hovering in the air while rescue boats seemed to be surrounding the capsized ferry. As quickly as we could, my parents and I got in the car and headed towards the bay where rescued persons were being brought on motor boats. My mother brushed aside her tears and grabbed two large towels. None of us would even let the thought that something may have happened to Ammar.

When we reached the bay it was teeming with relatives of passengers aboard the ferry. The few persons who had been rescued were being swaddled into warm blankets and being checked by paramedical staff. We went through the list of persons who had been rescued but my brother’s name wasn’t among them. Finally, we ran into one of his friends who was surrounded by his family members. When he saw us he waved and told us that both, he and Ammar were rescued together. I could’ve wept with relief. I don’t know how my family would’ve been able to go on if anything had happened to my brother. He then pointed at a nearby paramedical van and mentioned that Ammar was being treated for a fractured arm. We hurried to the van thanking God that Ammar had survived the ordeal.

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