Short Paragraph on The Money Lender

What a frightful figure rises before our eyes at the sound of the world ‘Money lender’! Everyone is aware of his duty, cruel anil inhuman tricks and his stony heart. He is an unscrupulous man without conscience, morality, truth or honesty. He is a human spider who invites flies into his web with a smile and kills them the moment they come. He exploits people in financial need. He is so successful because our people have funny notions of social status and dignity.

Short Paragraph on Self Culture

They would not let anybody know that they are is financial difficulties. Hence they borrow secretly at huge interest. The money lenders in cities and villages-exploiting the poor and the needy changing interest at such a rate that man can have no hope of paying even the interest much less the sum borrowed and recovering the ornaments, etc. kept with him as security. Even though so rich, the money-lender looks dirty and poor like a penniless beggar. He cannot enjoy his own wealth. He is a miser.

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