Short Paragraph on Cinema Stars

You think it is a fine thing to be a cinema star, but the life of a cinema star is very hard. It is not a bed of roses. They have to work and sweat for hours together for a piece of dialogue which takes only a few minutes on the actual screen. For their songs which take only three minutes her piece, they have to rehearse for many days. Appearances are deceptive! You think a cinema star is very beautiful. He or she is beautiful only after make-up. do you know the idiom “the other side of the picture?” Well, it is exactly that. The other side of the picture is always ugly. The faces which look so beautiful on screen are not so in realities. The voice which is so sweet in the song you like is perhaps somebody else, voice it is what we call a play-back! There are so many cinema stars who do not know even ABC of music and yet sing most musically on the screen!

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Every young body and girl at one time of life has the ambition to be a cinema star, but these innocent simple boys and girls do not know what price they will have to pay for being a cinema star. They have not the slightest idea of the life that is lived in the cinema studios. Majority of the studios are filled with vulgarity, indecency, wickedness and immorality. Of course in recent times some of the studios are trying to clean up their atmosphere and make it a fit place for decent respectable artists to work, but it is a cry in the wilderness. Cinema stars get huge sums of money for their work. They get name and popularity but most of them spend their wealth in drinking houses or race-courses. Their business is to entertain the public. In the eyes of many young boys and girls, they are heroes and heroines. Therefore it is necessary that their private life should also be worthy of a hero or a heroine.

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