Short Paragraph on A Visit to a Hospital

A world of sick, pale-faced, crying, moaning, dying humanity. A heart-touching scene to see so many lying helpless on bed-uncertain whether they would live or die. We see helplessness, resignation, despair, hope confusion, etc., on their faces. Nurses-the sisters of mercy in white, moving briskly given comfort, cheer and medicines to the patients. But some of the patients are impatient. They shout and cry. The sister sometimes scolds. The work of doctors the operation theater-TOWs of beds, the chining spotless clean marble walls and floor-cleanliness, science, etc.

Essay on A Visit to a Jahangir Tomb

Much awaited visitors in the afternoon to sweep their sick relatives or friends. Brings cheer to the patients. Soon the night falls and after that silence and darkness. How heart-rending the cry or pain and suffering of the patient in the dead silence of the night! A visit to a hospital brings to us, how much suffering there is the world. It also brings to us, how much self-sacrifice there is in the world the free services of eminent doctors, sisters of mercy, the generosity of men who gave money for the hospital, etc.

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