Responsibilities of a Good Citizen Paragraph

By | April 18, 2019

In today’s world, people are quick to demand justice for any misgivings that they may have been subjected to but are equally adept at avoiding their own responsibilities. A state cannot function without the support of its citizens. In many ways citizens are the backbone of a civilized society. Their attitude towards various responsibilities determines the success of a nation.

First and foremost a citizen’s responsibility begins at home. One must ensure that the area one is living in is clean and well maintained. It would not do to have garbage and litter strewn across the streets. Not only it is unsightly but may also prove to be havoc to health. Therefore, garbage should be disposed of in a proper manner and not kept lying around. Cars should be well maintained to ensure that they do not emit more than a necessary amount of greenhouse gases.

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Noise pollution is another important issue to be considered. Listening to music at a loud volume may be pleasurable for some but for others it may be a source of a headache and stress. The same principle applies to unnecessary honking while driving. Honking should only be used if needed instead of at every few seconds. Being constantly exposed to loud noise can lead to eventual deafness. [the_ad id=”17141″]

Other civic responsibilities include obeying traffic rules at all times. If this was fully implemented in our society the number of road traffic accidents would sharply decline. Often times not driving under the speed limit is the main cause of an accident. Similarly, people need to pay their taxes honestly. If it weren’t for their country they wouldn’t have a citizenship and thus no rights. If taxes are kept hidden from the government the whole nation suffers as a result.

Another important point to highlight is volunteer work. All those who have time and resources should volunteer at orphanages and hospitals to help those less fortunate. It is only when people help one another that a society can fully thrive. Similarly, it is a citizen’s duty to report any unwarranted activity witnessed. With terrorist activities on the rise, a lot of people may benefit from timely warnings and great catastrophes may even be averted.

Only when citizens act responsibly that a nation can progress both economically and otherwise. The government may be responsible for the overall picture but it is a nation’s citizens that determine in which direction it is heading.

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