My First Train/Plane Ride Paragraph

I was eight years old at the time. My mother and I were going to fly to Dubai for two weeks. Since my father was tied up at work he would join us after a few days. It didn’t take long to locate the international terminal at the airport. The security guard at the entrance checked our tickets and then allowed us to enter. My excitement was difficult to contain. This was going to be my first plane ride ever. Around me people were lugging their bags and suitcases or busy looking at their tickets. Mum and I joined a long queue to get our luggage passed through the X-Ray Scanner. I glanced at the monitor that one of the security personnel was focusing on. It seemed to show all the objects contained within a bag but in transparent hues instead of their original colour. I was fascinated but we had to move on.

After a quick body search we finally headed towards the check in counter where we received our boarding passes. We were instructed to head towards gate number 19 within half an hour. With plenty of time on our hands until boarding was announced mum perused through numerous books and magazines on display at one of the book stores in the boarding lounge. Meanwhile, I looked at the children’s books section.

[the_ad id=”17141″]After both of us had selected a book mum paid for the purchase and we settled into a sofa near our boarding gate. Several feet away I spotted a young woman carrying a baby who was wailing loudly. None of her attempts at placating her baby were working. I hoped she wasn’t on our flight.

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After half an hour my mum and I joined a long queue to board the plane. At the entrance of the plane a flight attendant welcomed us aboard. She pointed us in the direction of our seats and then turned to welcome the next passenger on board. Once we found our seats my mother stashed her duffel bag in the overhead storage compartment and both of us settled into our seats. An elderly lady was already in the window seat and I sat next to her so that I would be able to see out the window when the plane took off. A short safety demonstration was done by one of the flight attendants after which we were reminded to fasten our seat belts. Suddenly the plane began cruising along the runway, gradually gaining speed. Without any warning, the plane was in the air and I watched roads and trees disappear into tiny specks till only the blue sky and floating clouds could be seen from the window.

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