Importance of Discipline in Life Paragraph

Discipline can be loosely defined as having the capacity to stick to a pre-decided plan or routine that is intended for one’s benefit, may it be health related or otherwise. In simple words discipline is the glue that holds our life together. Almost every day we wake up and follow a routine. Some of us go to school while others set off for work. Most of us have a set time for work, play, for our meals and also for sleep. We live by time and dates. If the concept of time suddenly vanished, we would be in quite a quandary.

The significance of discipline in our lives can be gauged by the fact that discipline is an inherent part of the world that we live in. The earth makes a complete rotation in twenty four hours resulting in day and night. The dark of the night is used for recuperation while the light of the day is used for work and play. Similarly, different seasons result from the earth spinning around the sun in a fixed pattern. This allows us to determine when summer or winter will take place. If the weather changed unpredictably it would be quite difficult to adjust so quickly. Crops would also suffer immensely because some only do well in hot weather while others prefer a cooler temperature.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The same principle applies to successful people. Often times the only difference between an unsuccessful and a successful person is discipline, not the talent they possess. A disciplined person would be more likely to finish work on time and dedicate a specific number of hours working on a problem. An undisciplined person would work in an erratic manner; working more on some days and working less on others. The outcome of such a person would most likely be as erratic as his work. Disciplined people tend to get more out of life and have a higher level of satisfaction as compared to those lacking this trait. Discipline allows people to mentally compartmentalize their life thus enabling them to work at their optimal capacity.

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With discipline and dedication half the battle is won. This is why discipline and self-restraint are religiously practiced by successful persons in all areas of life. For instance, if sportsmen were to give up their daily rigorous practice their stamina would be greatly affected regardless of the immense talent that they possess. Individuals who tend to shy away from discipline tend to do so because they are under the false impression that it requires self-sacrifice and limits one’s freedom. However, the opposite holds true because not only does discipline leads to success, it also allows you to discover your true potential.

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