Greed Brings Losses or Destruction Story

By | April 24, 2019

The introduction:

A famous saying goes that there is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. A greedy person can never be happy and satisfied. He is caught in the net of his own greed as easily as he plans to get rich. The following story makes this point very well.

The Story:

There were three friends who wanted to get rich. One day they started on a journey in search of a chance to make a lot of money. They had to pass through a forest. In the forest, by chance, they found a bag of gold under a stone. Each of them wanted to take this bag and soon they started to quarrel. In a strange way, sometime later, they decided to divide the gold equally among themselves. The three men were feeling very hungry. One of them got ready to bring food from a village market, and the other two said they would wait for him. He started for the market. On the way, he thought of taking all the gold in the bag himself. He bought some food and mixed poison with it. He wanted to kill his friends with this food to get the gold. The third friend returned with the food. In his absence, the other two men had made la plan to kill him. Clearly they wanted to take all the gold themselves. So they easily killed him with their knives. Afterwards, they ate the food. They died because of the poison in it. The three friends died because each wanted to get rich at the cost of the other two friends. So cod or nature punished each of them. Here we are taught the everlasting truth:

Do not do anything that brings dishonour and destruction


  • Greed is a curse.
  • Every man takes care that his neighbour shall not cheat him.
  • One should be satisfied with what one has.
  • He who digs a pit (hole) for others falls into it himself.
  • As you sow, so shall you reap.
  • Evil recoils (moves suddenly back) at the head of the doeri.
  • It is meant to be selfish.
  • Allah punishes the evildoers.

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