Autobiography of a Hotel Boy – Paragraph

I was staying in a town. As I did not like to study, I wandered here and there Once my neighbour came from Chittagong to our village. He gave such a vivid description of Chittagong, that I was tempted to go there. My parents were against my going there. Still I went there with my neighbour

I tried to get some job, failed to do so. For some day wandered here and there. At last I became a hotel-boy. I had to work from morning till night, for low pay.

Once some cups and soucers fell down from my hand. for this: I was severely beaten by my master. A year passed in this way. In course of time I took interest in gambling. In this way I lost my earnings. Gradually I resorted to stealing. Sometimes gambling led to quarrels. In some of the fights, I was seriously injured and was removed to a hospital.

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Short Paragraph on Method in Work

Thereafter I left gambling and led a better life. Once there was theft in the neighbour-hood. For this the police arrested me and others. For days together I had to remain in the lock-up. The police beat me severely. But I was innocent. At last the magistrate, acquitted me.

After this I without a job of some days. Once more I joined a hotel. It was a good hotel. Hence I got tips from customers. I thus saved something. Everything was going on well. Then I had an attack of typhoid. My master removed me to a hospital. Fortunately, I recovered. Thereafter I went to my native place on leave.

I am now the head-body in the same hotel. Here I am happy. I save enough. It is my ambition to be a hotel owner some day.

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