An Inspiring View Paragraph

From my office window I had a clear view of the busy main road. I looked away from my computer screen to give my eyes a break. The hustle and bustle of life outside the window caught my attention. People were hurrying by; some were looking at their mobile phones while others were listening to music. A never ending stream of cars kept coming and going. It was apparent that people had a lot going on in their lives. I couldn’t spot a single person who looked as though he or she were strolling casually, enjoying the beautiful weather.

A group of adolescent boys stood near the corner cafeteria. They looked like a up, the kind that attracts trouble. Most of them had donned dark shirts and wore baggy jeans that by some miracle managed not to fall. Even though I could not hear their laughter through the glass window, I imagined it would have a villainous ring to it. I shook my head in distaste at them and turned back to my work.

1st Year Pair of Words from Five Years Old Papers

A few moments later when I happened to look up I saw a crouched elderly man slowly walking towards them with the help of a stick. Even from a distance I could see the glisten of his thick spectacles in the sunlight. He stopped next to the traffic light waiting for it to turn green so he could cross the road. Suddenly he appeared to have lost his balance and would have hit the hard concrete when he was caught midair by one of the adolescent boys. Another of them bent to retrieve the elderly man’s walking stick and then place it in his hand.

The two boys then stood on each side of the frail elderly man and assisted him across the street, one step at a time. It was refreshing to see that despite the cynicism that prevails commonly, humanity does exist in our society. Once the elderly man had safely reached the other side, he shook hands with both of his helpers. I’m sure he was as touched by their random act of kindness as I was.

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