An Event That Taught Me an Important Lesson Paragraph


I left home riding high on adolescent hormones that make one think that he is invincible. A calamity is something that people on the news are subjected to. It is something that doesn’t happen to you, or so I thought that day. I was angry at my parents, angry at my siblings, angry at my teachers; even angry at myself. I guess I was angry at the world in general.

My parents were concerned that I wasn’t spending enough time studying. My teachers wanted me to try harder because they saw more potential in me. My siblings frustrated me in little ways that younger siblings often do. I was angry at myself for letting them all get to me. I decided to go for a jog to get my anger out. The park was full of fitness enthusiasts, some geared in high-end sneakers while others were strolling around in casual shoes.

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After warming up for a few minutes, I started my jog gradually increasing my pace. It felt good to feel the hard ground beneath me and the wind caressing my face as I pushed forward. I began concentrating on outpacing the robust, gray-haired man ahead of me. Suddenly, without warning, he stopped in the middle of the track and clutching his chest he fell down.[the_ad id=”17141″]


I rushed to help him sit up but he seemed to be in a lot of pain. I quickly dialed for an ambulance. Meanwhile, people had started gathering around. Somebody handed him a water bottle but the man was unable to drink more than a sip. Then he breathlessly repeated his wife’s number so I could inform her. Meanwhile, in the distance, I could hear the welcome siren of an ambulance.

Soon the paramedics were busy strapping him onto a stretcher and wheeled him into the ambulance. I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I watched him being taken away. However, his wife’s worried voice stayed at the back of my head. He had a wife and family who probably doted on him. I wondered if he would make it. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself for behaving as though I carried the burdens of the world on my shoulders. My life had no problems compared to what that man was facing right then. I walked back home humbled by this experience.

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