After all, Tomorrow is Another Day Paragraph

It is rush hour in Lahore and I am stuck in a seemingly never-ending sea of motor vehicles that have been moving at a snail’s pace since the last half an hour. Around me drivers are honking their horns, their faces brimming with frustration. This traffic jam is the least of my concerns. My thoughts go back a year ago when all my problems started.

I owned a fairly successful event management business and had made a name for myself. Organizing lavish weddings was my company’s forte. However, within a year the ever-rising inflation had adversely affected business. People began to spend less on weddings and our profits diminished with time. Eventually, my company faced bankruptcy. With a heavy heart not only did I have to watch my company dissolve but also to let go of the people who had worked for me for many years.

As though I weren’t already facing enough, fate decided to weigh me down more heavily. My aged mother became very sick and had to be hospitalized. Doctors informed us that she would require surgery within the next few days to survive. To arrange money on such a short notice I was forced to borrow money from friends. In such hard times, I was grateful I still had friends to turn to. Fortunately, my mother recovered from the ordeal and was discharged from the hospital after a week.

Essay on Morning Walk (450 Words)

Now that my mother is home and her health is building again, I don’t want her to know about our stressful financial position. The only way that I see is to sell our house and move into an apartment. I know that my children may react negatively; I know that my wife may understand but she will undoubtedly become sad. My shoulders become further slouched at the thought when my reverie is disturbed by the honking horns once more.

I gather my sea of thoughts and tell myself to count my blessings. I may have to sell our house but at least I will have my family. I may not be the successful entrepreneur, I once was but there is no saying how successful I may be in future. “After all, tomorrow is another day?”

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