A Time When I Found Myself in a Dangerous Situation Paragraph

My parents own a beautiful summer house located at a hill station called Shahenshah. Last summer, to escape the heat of the city I decided to visit my grandparents. They were thrilled at the news for they barely ever got to spend time with their grandchildren anymore. I myself was quite happy at the prospect of being pampered by them. When I reached their home the sun was lowering behind a canopy of the trees.

The next morning I decided to go on a walk by myself. Arming myself with a camera I stepped outside. Fortunately, the weather was quite pleasant so I didn’t even have to bother wearing a jacket. Soon I was on what looked like a well admiring the natural beauty of my surroundings and occasionally taking pictures.

[the_ad id=”17141″]I had heard that there were many monkeys in the area but so far I only come across a timid squirrel. I tried to focus my camera on the squirrel but it kept dodging me. Not willing to give up easily, I followed the squirrel till I managed to take a picture. When I decided to head back, I realized that I had wandered away from the trail. I looked around to get a better idea of which direction I had come from. It was starting to notice that most trees and shrubs looked similar. Having no other option but to guess my way home, I randomly started off in one direction. Half an hour later, I was trying to submerge my fear that I had gone deeper into the woods rather than making way home. I felt in my pocket for a mobile phone but came up empty. In my haste to enjoy a beautiful day, I had forgotten to bring it along.

A paragraph on My Childhood

Since I had left home without having breakfast, pangs of hunger finally set in. My mouth was parched by now as I longingly thought of cool water. In the throes of desperation, the surrounding shrubbery developed a sinister quality. I thought it wise to tread more carefully in case there were some dangerous animals around. Images of snakes and cheetahs kept invading my mind. Nevertheless, I gathered my wits and decided to try again to head in the right direction. Unfortunately, my second attempt proved just as futile as my first.

While I sat down on the ground to rest for a while, I wondered if my grandparents had noticed my absence as yet. Suddenly an idea came into my mind. I climbed the tallest tree I could find and from its height I looked around to see if I could spot my grandparents’ house. The brick red roof of their house beamed in the sunlight. I had never been so happy to see a rooftop before. Heaving a sigh of relief I headed home to my worried grandparents who were about to organise a search party for me.

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