A Telephone Call That Changed My Life Paragraph

I had just returned home after a hard day’s work as an assistant to a local magazine’s editor. My wife greeted me at the door with a less than enthusiastic smile as she took my office bag. Her cause of concern was the eviction notice that our landlord had finally sent after we’d been unable to pay the last three months’ rent. Alongside the eviction notice were several other bills that I could not bear to look at for the time being. I had enough on my plate already without burdening my low spirits.

My wife returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner while I switched on the television wondering how we would survive like this. Suddenly the telephone rang and I hesitated before answering in case it might be our landlord. Deciding to face my worst fears, I picked up the telephone receiver with a heavy heart. It was not our landlord. It was destiny calling to inform me that I had just won ten million rupees. It was through a lottery ticket that my wife had insisted on buying. At the time, I had told her that I would rather buy an ice cream cone instead, but I went ahead and bought it to make her happy.

Short Essay on Telecommunications

For the next several days I became something of a local celebrity. I gave interviews to newspapers and magazines and also to three local television channels. Everyone wanted a piece of the ‘rags to riches’ story. Even after the hype subsided, my wife and I continued to be high. After going through so many financial difficulties, we finally didn’t have to worry about bills and payments anymore. Eventually, I quit my job as an assistant and invested in real estate to keep the money flowing.

Not only did my business flourish, but it also helped me to become one of the richest men in my city. My wife and I often think back to the day when we had been facing eviction and then moments later a telephone call changed our lives. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to me and my wife if the telephone company had cut off service because of non-payment of telephone bills.

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