A Street That Leads to My Home or School Paragraph

I got off the bus stop lugging a heavy laden school bag on my shoulders. I sighed and wished I didn’t have to walk a further ten minutes to reach home. I leisurely began making my way home. The footpath was a bit uneven in places and if I weren’t careful I might’ve tripped. A sudden barking interrupted my train of thought and I glanced over to my left side. A small white bungalow with a sloping crimson roof could be seen. Prominently displayed just outside the gate was a tiny white signboard that said “Beware of dog”. I decided to heed the warning and quickly moved past that house. The next few houses were similar to the ones I had just passed. In most of them I could spot an inflatable swimming pool lying in the garden. Inflatable pools had rapidly gained popularity as the temperature soared in recent weeks.

One saintly person had installed a drinking water fountain outside his house from where I took a quick sip to soothe my parched mouth before heading on. In the distance I could spot the mailman in his pristine white uniform delivering a few envelopes at each house. I saw him lugging a huge parcel wrapped in brown paper to a house that I thought was vacant.

[the_ad id=”17141″]A young lady appeared at the doorway with an infant in her arms. This must be the new neighbor my mother was talking about a few days earlier. I hurried on, eager to quickly pass the red brick house that belonged to an eccentric old man who often shouted expletives at passers-by. Through the wrought iron gate I could see that he had let the garden grow wild. I wondered how many months it had been since a gardener had been there.

After all, Tomorrow is Another Day Paragraph

In the distance I finally spotted my home which was located in a cul de sac nestled with five other houses. Since all the houses in the cul de sac were built by the same contractor, they had the same architecture but residents often added their personal touch. My parents had decided to leave the tall walls white washed but had added bougainvillea plants near our tall fence. The fuschia coloured flowers had bloomed in abundance and could easily be spotted from a distance. In the centre of the cul de sac was a small park that was frequented by children from the surrounding neighborhood as well. It boasted a couple of swings and a slide as well as a jogging track for health-conscious individuals. Another attraction was a small lake in the park that was home to a few cackling ducks. I made up my mind to go feed the ducks later that day. For now I was just glad to be home after a long tiring day at school.

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