A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Story

By | April 24, 2019

Once a messenger was to carry some important instructions from the king to the commander of the army, in the battle-field. When he was going to start, he found that one nail was missing from the shoe of the horse. He did not care for that. As he wanted to save time, he set off at once. On the way, the second nail from the shoes went off, but the messenger continued his journey. At last, all the nails slipped off and the shoe fell down. Now the horse could run no longer. It was getting late. The messenger was much worried. He tried to make his horse run faster and faster. Soon the horse was tired. It fell down and was dead. The rider was also wounded. The destination was not far. He began to run on foot. But it was too late. When he reached the battle-field, their army had been defeated by the enemy. So in saving a few minutes, the messenger lost many hours.


  • A stitch in time saves nine

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