A Busy Day Short Paragraph

I woke up last Saturday morning with a huge smile on my face. I stretched my arms and noticed that it was 9 o’clock; two hours later than my usual waking up time. It was nice not to wake up to the shrill sound of my alarm clock and get dressed in a hurry as though being late to school spelled disaster of epic proportions. Just as I decided to catch a few more minutes of sleep, my younger sister came in. She told me to get dressed because our aunt’s family was coming over for brunch and mum needed our help in the kitchen.

Within the next ten minutes I found myself chopping vegetables, peeling potatoes and whipping eggs. It seemed as though we were cooking for an army of people. The air was heavily laden with the aroma of freshly baked and fried food. I had to keep my mouth watering taste buds in check as my mother kept giving me more tasks to finish. It felt as though I was part of a cooking competition on television because I was working under time pressure.

My Most Prized Possession Paragraph

Once cooking was completed I thought I would be able to relax but my mother told my sister and me to set the table and then help her garnish the food. I tried to sneak a few bites but one glare from my mother made me put the cutlet down. Meanwhile, our father had been sent to buy fresh flowers for decoration. I silently mused at what my mother would’ve done if the royal family was visiting instead of her sister. [the_ad id=”17141″]

I had assumed that once we sat down for brunch, I would finally have some peace but I was exorbitantly mistaken. Midway between finish my sandwich I was sent to fetch ice for the lemonade. I had barely returned to the table when my aunt asked if I could help my 2-year-old cousin eat his cereal. I could hardly say no under my mother’s watchful eye. For the next hour I watched my cousin eat his cereal painfully slowly while I tried my best not to let him throw it all on the floor. At least he had the courtesy to smile and giggle after each bite so I could feel appreciated.

After brunch, everyone settled in the living room to discuss politics and world happenings while my sister and I were busy clearing the table. The leftover food had to be packed and placed in the refrigerator. By the time I was done, my legs were aching and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and read a novel. My day had turned out to be diagonally opposite to what I had expected but I reassured myself that there would be a weekend next week too.

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