A Beautiful Winter Day Paragraph

I woke up that morning to find our entire neighborhood blanketed in pristine white snow. I thanked heaven that winter holidays had begun. It would’ve no fun to be cooped indoors on such a gorgeous day. I poked my twin brother Jamal to wake him up. His response was to cover his head with his blanket. Since I had no plans of wasting time in bed, I headed downstairs for breakfast. My younger sister Amal had already finished breakfast and began telling me about her plan to build a snow castle.

Soon I found myself alongside Amal building a snowman. The idea of building a snow castle had been dropped for the time being because it would take too long. Even though a chilly wind tinged our cheeks pink we continued adding fistfuls of snow to our gradually building snowman.

Essay on My Neighbours (600 Words)

Across the road we could see that our neighbours’ children were on a similar mission. There was no way their snowman would be better than ours. To stimulate an atmosphere of competition, we waved wildly at them and then pointed to our snowman. Meanwhile Jamal finally appeared wearing enough clothes to put an Eskimo to shame. Amal and I pelted him with snowballs, temporarily neglecting our rotund snowman. Jamal had been expecting our antics and responded with bigger snowballs. After dousing each other for a while we grew tired and decided to turn our attention to our snowman before the neighbours won the silently acknowledged competition. Our efforts eventually resulted in what looked like a fat snowwoman rather than a snowman. Nevertheless, we were very pleased with our result.

For our final touches we stuck in two dried up branches on either side, added two stones for eyes and a carrot for the mouth. Amal also draped a worn out scarf around its neck and then stood back to admire the magnificent snowman. We glanced at the measly snowman across the street feeling smug about our snowman making capabilities. Just then our mother called us inside to have hot chocolate milk and blueberry muffins. Even though the rest of the winter was its usual snowy self, the first day of snowfall when we made our snowman is safely stored in memory as the day when we had the most fun.

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