Short Paragraph on Vulgarity (400 Words)

Vulgarity can be taken in terms of an obscene and uncalled-for show of some persons body or the show of ill and unhealthy tastes. But now this term has acquired a wider meaning if we compare it with the meaning it had acquired previously. Formerly, the word vulgarity was confined to the low, mean and base activities hut nowadays, vulgar people enjoy a great respect and so-called honor in our society. It is a term which is now applied, not only to coarseness and familiarity in speech and manners, but also to pretensions of various types.

Sometimes vulgarity is shown by a prominent display of wealth. A story is related of a French corn-merchant who had realized an enormous fortune. He invited a stranger to a family party. The manners of everyone present were irreproachable. Such a display was unnecessary, and therefore vulgar. The display is not confined to the wealthy.[the_ad id=”17141″]

A story of a lump of the crystal is also there, which thought it would be mistaken for gold because it reflected the glitter of the neighboring metal. It was never taken for gold, but it was supposed to cover it, and got shivered to atoms hy the hammer of the miner. This story might be quoted with advantage against those who base their claims to distinction on their acquaintance with noble or distinguished personages. To converse with a man of high rank may be an honor, but it not entitle the recipient of the honour to consider himself superior to those whom he sees daily.

An ugly form of vulgarity is an assumption of refinement in language or habits. The best speakers will never use a big and uncommon word where a common one will do. They consider “buy” better than “purchase”, “wish” than “desire”. The pretentious never speak of “rich” and “poor”, but of “those of large” and “those of small means.”. The true gentleman can do anything that is not coarse or wrong. He may also shun all the manners which do not fit his pure and polite temperament. Such a man would fight shy of all the activities and pursuits that lead to fake and low taste. He does not lower himself to the gorges of vulgarity and obscenity. No doubt, showing vulgarity in manners, actions and disposition, as well as conversation, can never be appreciable. Rather it should be discouraged.

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