Short Paragraph on Temperance (390 Words)

Temperance means moderation in eating and drinking, but the word is now generally applied to abstention from the use of intoxicating things like liquor, heroin, opium, bhang, charas, etc.

The use of intoxicants undermines the constitution; it såps vitality. Men are tempted by the temporary exhilaration of spirits which the use of intoxicants produces, but they forget that this short-lived pleasure will leave them much weaker than before.

Alcohol is poison, why should we knowingly introduce poison into our bodies? These liquors are absolute of no use, they are very dangerous enemies of our health and vigor. The loss of wealth is enormous, and drunkards are generally poor, and make those who depend upon them very miserable. We have seen rich men, very healthy and strong, reduced by this evil habit abject poverty. A drunkard’s capacity for work is greatly impaired.

It has been ascertained that the majority of crimes committed in civilized countries are due to intoxication, and lunatic asylums are filled with insane persons who lost their brains through excessive drinking. As soon as the wine is in, the wit is out.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The use of intoxicating things leads to other evils, also. They degrade character, and several moral defects arise. A man who is under the influence of drink is degraded to the level of a brute. He cannot discriminate between good and evil.

Young men should avoid intoxicants altogether. A little of these, in the beginning, leads to a habit which grows, and then a man finds himself in the iron grip of the demon, from whom he cannot shake himself free. The habit produces a craving which seeks satisfaction at any cost and makes the victim very miserable. It is, therefore, necessary that one should avoid wine and other intoxicating drinks and drugs altogether, and should not take any such thing even in moderation.

America has taken a very wise step. There the sale of all such liquors is stopped, except for medical purposes, and within this short period, the number of crimes has fallen. Intoxicants cause much economic loss to the nation, and impair its efficiency, and consequently, various measures are adopted in all civilized countries to restrict their use It is very painful to note that in spite of the efforts of reformers, the evil is increasing day by day. It must be checked.

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