Short Paragraph on Punctuality (555 Words)

The habit of doing things at the appointed time is punctuality. Every man is sent out to the world to do his share of work within the limited span of his life. The amount of work to be done in a lifetime is so great and the time at our disposal so short that we cannot afford to lose time if we mean to do something “Time and tide wait for no man,” nor can it be kept in store for future use.

So we must always make the best use of time, or, in other words, we must be punctual doing things in their proper time. An opportunity aliowed to pass away may never return and the work we hoped to do may remain unfinished. It is the habit of punctuality which enables us to perform the greatest amount of work within the short period of our life on earth.

The advantage which punctuality brings to man is manifold. A punctual man is never in want of time and hence he is never in a hurry. Whatever he does, he can do with perfect calmness and so his work has no detected and is perfect. He is never late in his work or in his appointments and consequently, men can safely rely upon his promises and engagements.

By this habit of punctuality he never puts others into inconvenience and accordingly wins the respect and confidence of all who come in contact with him. Further, a punctual man has confidence in his own powers and know’s that he cannot but be successful in any undertaking where time is an essential factor. One who attends office regularly and finishes his work with punctuality is sure to come into the grace of his superiors and secure promotion in service.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The value of punctuality in student life is inestimable. A student who attends his classes regularly is never behind the class and can follow his lessons from beginning to end. This means a considerable saving of labor at home. Further, a student who is regular in preparing his daily task has not to work hard at the time of his examination and scores a good result with a minimum amount of labor.

An unpunctual boy who does not come to school in time can never keep pace with the progress made in his class. He has to either because he has fallen very much behind, or because excessive labor breaks down his health.

Punctuality, is short, is the key to success and prosperity in life. Without this valuable quality, therefore, no man can prosper in this world in whatever sphere of life he might be placed. The unsuccessful lives of many persons may be traced to their unpunctuality, Dilatoriness overwhelms a man at every step and stand in the way of his success. Constant failure makes the life of such a man extremely miserable.

Punctuality and regularity are strictly observed even by dumb Nature. Day follows night, the tides rise and fall, the seasons alternate–all have their fixed times. But as regular and punctual habits require long and careful training and as a bad habit once formed cannot easily be shaken off, punctuality should be practiced quite early in life. Once this habit of punctuality is well formed, its utility in practical life will be quite apparent.

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