Short Paragraph on Good Manners (350 Words)

“Manners maketh man” is a very popular saying. By manners, we mean proper and respectful behavior towards all with whom we come in contact. Politeness is the essence of good manners. With it, we can win the favour and confidence of others.

Good manners are a key to success in life. Proper dress, neat and tidy, not costly and showy, counts for much. An ill-dressed and a shabbily dressed man at once by his appearance creates a bad impression about himself. If he is so careless about his dress, how can he he depended upon in the discharge of his duties in the office or the workshop? We should he respectful to our inferiors and subordinates. Sweet words cost nothing, but buy everything.

Good manners endear us to others. A soft answer turneth away wrath, and a kind word uttered in time would save us many troubles. Civility and tact succeed where sometimes talents fail. Manners are essential for all men, high and low, at home as well as in the office, in dealing with our near relations and others, with whom the business of life brings us in contact.

Things done with polite manners appear beautiful and graceful. Even a good action, like charity, if accompanied by a bitter or contemptuous remark, loses all its merit. A refusal or even a rebuke, if politely made, does not offend. Politeness ought to be distinguished from flattery. We should he polite to all, even to those with whom we disagree, but we should not sacrifice our principles, and speak what is not true, merely because it will please our officers.

Young men should cultivate good manners by associating with good people. The following good manners may be carefully attended to:

  • Dress neatly. Your coat should he properly buttoned. nails cut, and you should look neat and
  • Greet all with the proper forms of salutation.
  • Stand up before your superiors respectfully.
  • Do not talk loudly: do not interrupt when another is talking: do not contradict or argue vehemently on all occasions. Do not he impatient.
  • Do not do a thing slovenly and carelessly; even writing letters, be neat and clear.

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