Short Paragraph on Gambling (400 Words)

By | March 19, 2019

Of all vices, which modern civilization has encouraged, or at least has failed to check, gambling is the worst. It has existed from very old times, and it still flourishing to a very alarming extent in the world in various forms. Lotteries, betting at horseraces, fortune wheels, roulettes, various games of cards, dice throwing and so on, in fact, any uncertain future event may be a fit subject to gamble about. In Pakistan, people gamble even about rain, and Satta gambling has become very common. As explained at this slots portal, even the new comers are learning tactics from various sites and are getting addicted to online gambling.

Gambling has its root in the weakness of human nature. Everyone tries to make fortune, but the right way of honest labor. is very long and tedious and gambling is a shortcut to it. But shortcuts are not always safe, and gambling is the most doubtful, nay, the most dangerous road to prosperity.[the_ad id=”17141″]

No gambler has ever been known to prosper, on the other hand, hundreds and thousands have been ruined by it. Unsuspecting poor people are easily tempted by clever tricksters. By a win or two, they are lured on till they lose everything. The Pandavas India lost their kingdom by it and wandered in the jungles in a forlorn condition. Asif lost everything he had, and not only made himself miserable but, also, his faithful and devoted wife. Bushra. In Europe, Monte Carlo in Italy is the central gambling place where men flock from all parts of the world in this mad and foolish, pursuit. Thousands of young men, who enter this Hall of Perdition in gay spirits and with heavy pockets, come out with empty pockets and heavy hearts. Most of them never return home but die there. The shock is so great that some are known to have died on the spot. There is a graveyard close by, where these unfortunate people are buried unceremoniously. There are online gambling sites like the one on this link that you could check out.

The sacred character of the Basant festival is destroyed by this vice which is indulged 10 such a large extent on that day throughout Pakistan. It is a wrong belief that religion allows it on that day. Horse-races, even games such as tennis are made occasions for heavy hets, and thus the interest is transferred from the sport to the bet. It is simply foolish to say that betting adds to the zest of the game.

Young men should avoid this habit. Let them not think that there is not much harm if they play with small things. The feverish excitement of gain and the false hopes which this habit creates are bad, as they will lead them, when they grow up, tó stake more valuable things. They must shun it altogether.

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