Why I Like Science Subjects (Short Essay)

By | January 6, 2019

“I like science because it is universal.”

I am a science student in the true sense as I study each of my elective subjects with great effort. These subjects are physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I want to become a mechanical engineer in order to take part in the scientific, technological and economic progress of my country, and to earn a decent living. Physics comes at the top that I like most because it deals with matter and energy and the effect they have on each other. All the laws of motion that Newton gave and the revolutionary theory of relativity that Einstein provided are responsible for our understanding of travel and space. The great advances that we have made in physics, starting with Galileo who invented the telescope and proved that all falling bodies travel at the same speed and accelerate alike, are responsible for our development of fast-moving, vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and ships. Electricity, discovered by Faraday, brought about a revolution in human life. Wireless, radio and TV, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners and thousands of electronic devices like the computer are the results of the advances in physics.

Chemistry is also of equal importance as it studies the basic qualities of substances and the different ways in which they react or combine with each other. The atomic theory lies at the basis of chemical development. Scientists like John Dalton in the early 19th century and J.J. Berzelius gave us the structure of the atom and atomic symbols. The development, later, of organic chemistry, which deals with substances found in living things led to the development of the many medicines, drugs, and injections that we use today.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The mathematics that I value very much among my subjects is responsible for the fine calculations and the magic of figures in physics and other sciences. All the branches of this subject-trigonometry, calculus, algebra, arithmetic, and geometry—have their own beneficial utility. In fact, all kinds of travel, movement, motion and all sorts of warfare depend on mathematical calculations.

Among the compulsory subjects, English, in fact, is of special importance for me. All · science and modern technology are taught and read in English at the highest levels.’ So I try to learn new English words every day. I read some important news items in an English newspaper in the morning and look up the dictionary for the meanings of difficult words. These words and their use find their way into a thick notebook. Sometimes, TV English news, and informative programmes help me to learn the pronunciation and use of lovely words with magical sound effects. The English movies that I view on the TV and computer screen add a lot to my spoken-English capability (or ability).

To frame effective sentences in English is my passion. Therefore, I try to learn the basics of English Grammar and Composition from properly chosen books. After learning the rules of writing, I do exercises on them plentifully. Some of my college teachers help me with their correction. These teachers and my father, at times, correct essays, stories and letters, written carefully by me. Now I feel confident enough to write meaningfully and to speak fluently (smoothly and clearly) in English.

The study of all the subjects enumerated (named one by one) and described above will surely take me to the gates of successful careers. When I reach the gates to success as an able grownup, it will be my choice to open one of them with the key of knowledge.

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