Village life in Pakistan (English Essay)

By | January 1, 2019

 “Village life here at some time will be as advanced as it is in the developed world because we cannot stop the march of time.”

Though sweet and simple, our village life is backward. Villagers do not have many of the facilities that city people enjoy. It is necessary to make the life of our villagers better.

First of all, more than 80 per cent or perhaps more of our villagers are uneducated. Most of the villages are without standard schools. The schools we find in the rural (village) areas do not mostly provide proper education. There is need to open better schools with able and efficient teachers. Many of our villages still do not have electricity. Therefore, a great number of villagers cannot use electric fans or watch TV. At night, they cannot easily engage in educational activities. Our government should electrify as many villages as possible. But, for this the supply of electricity should be increased manifold (many times) at much cheaper rates.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The water supply in most of our villages is not up to the mark. Our villagers take water out of wells or get it from canals. Many villagers fall ill when they take impure canal water. Tube-wells and proper water supply systems should be set up in the villages that are still without these.

Many of our villages are still without well-maintained roads. Better, standard roads should be constructed and the old ones should be widened and rendered (made) usable in all kinds of weather. Arrangements for the drainage of water should also be made on both sides of the roads. Villagers live in very small, dark houses often made of mud. Now they should be able to live in bigger concrete houses.

Our farmers should be able to use tractors, threshers and other machines on their farms. The government may provide farming machines or equipment to villagers on rent or sell them at low prices. However, we should not forget that tractors and machines would make many villagers idle.

For this, we shall have to set up small-scale industries in the villages. For example, industries producing towels, socks, shoes and other articles of daily use can be set up in rural areas. Quite a few villages can have special export industries like those of carpets, toys, handicrafts (hand-made artistic objects), cotton and woolen products, sweets, jams, soft drinks, etc.

We should try to raise the standards of living of our villagers. Their standards will automatically improve when they have higher incomes and better facilities for education, electricity, transport, trading, and marketing of goods. Then they will progress fast and, in their turn, will contribute to the country’s true advancement.

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