The Rainy Season (English Simple Essay)

By | January 2, 2019

“The rainy season brings freshness and romance to our lives which are otherwise quite dull and lifeless.”

The rainy season visits us each year around July when the heat is at its height (peak). Every man, woman, child, animal, bird, and insect wish the rains to start to give him relief. The relief does come, sometimes early and sometimes, somewhat late, when the sky, the clouds and the wind decide to bring rain with the storm to us.

The first rains of the season are most welcome as they end a period of waiting for us. But when they continue for days together and cause movement and traffic problems on broken and uneven roads (which are not smooth), we wish they stopped at once. Often the continuous rains force. daily wage earners like labourers and masons and street hawkers to sit idle at home without any income. And it is they who curse the rainy season praying for an early end to it. Some of them, who saved “for the rainy day” earlier, manage to pass through the season comfortably well.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The rains are a curse in another big way when they cause floods in rivers. Until now, we have not been able to store most of our extra rainwater in dams. Nor have we been able to control floods in other ways by channeling (directing) rainwater into newly dug watercourses or canals. Perhaps we can learn a lot from China in flood control and rainwater uses.

But the positive aspects (facets) of the rainy season far outweigh the massive troubles it causes. Firstly, the rains provide water to the fields and are responsible for agricultural growth. Secondly, they fill the dams like the Warsak, Tarbela, and Mangla with rainwater that is used in irrigation and for power (electricity) production for the rest of the year. Thirdly, the rains purify or clean the atmosphere killing germs and reducing pollution. It is lastly a poetic season of full enjoyment for young people. They like to move into the falling rain to be covered with or soaked in the fresh water of the sky. Close to the sea, we enjoy the rain on the coast and on the sea and like to sing with the poet:

The rain is raining all around,
It rains on the umbrellas here.
And on the ships at sea.

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