The Power Crisis and How to Resolve it? Essay

By | January 9, 2019

First, the water level in our dams like the Tarbela, Mangla, and Warsak is at times very low. Because of it the generation (production of cheap hydroelectric power suffers a great deal. Then we have not constructed until now as many dams as we need. For example, the Kalabagh dam, the Bhasha dam in the northern areas on the Indus, and certain other such possible dams could have eased the present difficult situation of power generation in the country.

Second, we do not have enough facilities for the generation of thermal power (power generated from coal or oil). The setting up of thermal power stations is highly expensive for a developing country like curs. Our efforts to set up such power stations with the IPPs (Independent Power Producers) skyrocketed electricity rates and brought the WAPDA to the brink (edge) of bankruptcy.

Third, we do not have enough nuclear power stations because of our dependence on hydroelectric power and lack (absence) of equipment and materials. The nuclear power station at Karachi-the Kanupp (the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant) has, however, worked well and gives us hopes of having such stations around the country, The Chashma Power Plant, planned in 1993 to be set up in the Frontier province, should have improved the power situation a great deal.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Fourth, new industries continue to be set up and agriculture continues to be mechanized. Factories in the industrial centres and tube-wells and power-operated farm machinery need electricity most of, the time. The high prices of electricity increase the prices of agricultural and industrial products. As a result, people cannot buy them easily. Business is affected as unsold expensive goods pile up.

Fifth, the demand for electricity continues to rise with the electrification of our villages. We need to generate enough power for the thousands of villages across the country that are still to be electrified. The new housing colonies in the cities further cause an increase in the demand for electricity.

Sixth, rich families, business establishments and offices use air-conditioners in the summer and electric heaters in the winter. This is a serious strain on our energy resources. It will be in national interest to reduce the use of these electric appliances. Even the use of extra electric fans, refrigerators, and lights (beyond the need) affects the power supply badly.

Agricultural, industrial, and commercial progress depend a great deal on a proper supply of cheap electricity all through the year. We should produce hydroelectric power as possible by erecting new dams and using their facilities for power generation (production). More atomic power stations should be set up to produce cheap electricity in bulk. We should make possible the production of electricity in Sui gas-operated plants. The thermal power stations should be made to produce cheap electricity,

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