The Importance of Games and Sports Essay

By | January 2, 2019

Outlines for Importance of Games and Sports

  • The meaning of “games” and “sports”

  • games and sports develop our bodies,

  • they improve our health

  • sports improve our health

  • games teach us how to compete with others

  • abuses of games and sports

  • we should play games in the true spirit.

“Games and sports enliven our Ilfe (make it more interesting) and give us hopeful energy.”

The word “game” covers all entertaining activities like indoor computer games, cards, carom, squash and outdoor games like hockey, football, and cricket. The word “sport” covers exercises or games pursued in the open like cricket and hockey. Thus, “games” is a wider term.[the_ad id=”17141″]

We all know, though we do not try to act upon the principle, that a body without daily exercise soon becomes weak and begins looking ugly. Games and sports give us a chance to develop our bodies and keep healthy. Even the Greeks, more than 2000 years ago, aimed at the development of “a sound mind in a sound body”. They promoted games, music, literature, philosophy, science, and gymnastics. In open fields somewhat outside the city boys practiced running, jumping, boxing and throwing the disc and the javelin.

Now, we have sports organizations at the national and continental levels to have matches and sports events regularly. It is so because these sports competitions make all countries prepare for them throughout the year and have games and sports activities on a wide basis.

Evidently (clearly), sports improve our health and make us active and smart. A person playing an outdoor game regularly would not easily fall ill. So we should encourage the regular playing of hockey, football, cricket, baseball, squash, tennis, polo and other games by young men and women and children. Games teach us how to compete with others in life, and they make us brave. We do not lose heart or get discouraged when we get defeated in a game. We learn to face defeat everywhere and prepare ourselves to win the next time. As in life struggle is the essence of playing.

Yet there are some abuses of games and sports as well. It is of course highly harmful for students to play games when they should study their books and prepare for their examinations. Playing indoor games like cards, carom, and chess for boys is harmful to health. Gambling during playing in any way is the worst abuse, and it has given horseracing a thoroughly bad reputation. We should play games in the true. spirit and should be prepared for victory as well as defeat. It is a regular practice in games that is really needed, and a lot of discipline indeed.

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