The Best Political System for Pakistan Essay

The best political system is that in which the people can have the best leaders elected by them from time to time. These leaders should be able to form the government. And this government should be able to work for a definite period of time, say four or five years, undisturbed by any change if it functions well. Now, this kind of political system is the presidential one, the most acceptable and popular in the whole world and which has successfully worked in the US for more than 200 years.

Because of our long connections (associations) with the British’, we adopted the parliamentary system, experimented with it and tried unsuccessfully to make it a way of our political life. If the Presidential political system looks more suitable, when can it work well in our country?

Firstly, the people as a whole should be educated well. The literacy rate will have to be raised to around 95 percent so thåt the people can not only read and write but have reasonable knowledge and understanding of the basic sciences and arts. The common people will have to be made quite fully conscious of the political, social, economic, military, and religious truths and realities so that they may be able to understand the abilities and capacities of the candidates for the assemblies and local bodies.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, the feudal system should be completely broken up and abolished in the country. No big landowner or landlord in the villages should be allowed to own sọ large farms as they do today. The villagers then will be able to study independently and think rightly and vote judiciously (with good judgment).

Thirdly, the country should have a thorough social security system in which all deserving (capable) people can study and earn properly and no class or person can exploit (take undue advantage of) any other class or person on the basis of wealth power or position. The ill and retired people could . also be given adequate (suitable) allowances from a common national fund.

It is, then quite clear that we need a just (equitable) political economic and social system in the country in which democracy can grow and develop (can flourish).

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