Suicide Bombing, Its Causes and Cures Essay

By | January 8, 2019

Suicide bombing in our country is an extension of this most tragic activity from Palestine and the Arab world. Earlier on, it was practised on a regular basis during the practiced world War. Then Japanese commandoes carried bombs with their bodies on planes and jumped into the chimneys of enemy ships and factories and military installations to blow them up. The same is now happening here, as we hear about and witness suicide bombings across the country multiplying our grief and hopelessness.

The causes of suicide bombing are clear like daylight. Firstly, the groups of people, opposed to government policies and social trends, decide to create massive confusion and restlessness to cause administrative and governmental collapse. They try to lead to situations when they can replace the existing government or prepare grounds for its ultimate failure. Secondly, these groups get huge funds, arms and facilities from foreign unseen and undisclosed sources to maintain their control over land, resources and people. They ready batches of suicide bombers in different ways to send them for attacks. Thirdly, millions of the youth are hopeless about their present condition and future. Their families are mostly poor and backward. When the terrorist groups offer them handsome money and material resources for their far they agree to join them as suicide bombers.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The camps and training grounds for the suicide bombers, recruited by the terrorist groups, are well organized and militarily maintained. They offer rigid physical, religious and spiritual training to the inmates to keep them physically and mentally satisfied. They brainwash them with speeches and sermons against religious or political groups opposed to them. They also arouse (excite) their thoughts and passions against foreign governments and their friends or helpers in the country, They tell the inmates that their mission is heavenly to spread Islam or any other religion and to bring evil to an end. The inmates are prepared to kill, bomb or destroy all those who, in their opinion, are opposing their religion or their efforts and ways. It is, in other words, termed as “jehad.” The suicide bombers are told clearly that they would be martyrs winning heaven as they sacrifice their lives. To them, it is not suicide, but martyrdom.

We are opposed to suicide bombing as it is religiously and socially illegal. We have to take urgent steps to change the political, social, moral and religious situation. Firstly, we should have a more dependable and powerful political system. As suggested by us, it is a strong federal system, a combination of the presidential, Chinese and Islamic socialistic systems. Secondly, with the destruction of feudalism, the country’s resources should be shared and used by all the citizens according to their ability. Thirdly, universal education, first in English and then in the sciences and arts should be provided to all in all parts of the country. Complete justice should be effectively available. All areas should be equally developed as soon as possible. Then, believe us, never will terrorism nor suicide bombing appears anywhere. All will live happily in peace and hope of glorious future life.

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Forms of Modern Terrorism and Its Cures

No doubt, terrorism is the number-one problem of the world today. It is a cancer-like social disease and dragon-like killer that, if not controlled, kills people and destroys property limitlessly.

Firstly, personal terrorism is directed towards individuals or persons on a personal basis. Suppose À lends money to B and B does not return it. A can go to a court of law to spend years to have his money back. Or he can terrorize B to return it-by threatening to beat him up or even to kill him. It is an act of terrorism, worse if he really uses force. Any illegal act committed by one person against another involving the use of threats or force is terrorism. This kind of personal terrorism. can be stopped and checked if we can get justice from the police or courts.

Secondly, local terrorism is confined (restricted) to a definite area street, road, park, bus or train station, shopping center, etc. The terrorists, for different reasons, commit terrorist acts against the people of the area or destroy property in it. For example, drugs are sold in a street spoiling the health and morals of young people. Or harmful films are shown in public places. The law-breakers injure or kill those who try to stop them from acting illegally. To check local terrorism, the police, paratroopers and special guards should be equipped with the latest offensive or defensive equipment. They should act briskly and effectively to arrest or kill dangerous terrorists.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Thirdly, national terrorism involves the whole nation and is committed by large groups often operating for political, economic or religious purposes. It has its roots mostly in political, sectarian and provincial differences. Other countries close to the borders take advantage of these differences and help the criminals and terrorists with money and information. The intelligence (secret information) agencies and the police should act together to face and fight against such terrorists.

Lastly, international or state terrorism operates because some states are opposed to each other in territorial, political, economic and religious matters. They have wide networks of terrorist organizations, and they train special groups of terrorists to attack each other. In this situation, the UN should have conferences between these states so that their governments may arrive at some common decisions to end the terrorist activities. International law should be strengthened with the cooperation of the world powers and the UN to catch or kill the terrorists or try them in international courts.

The causes of terrorism, wherever it raises its ugly head, should be determined (found out) and dealt with accordingly (as required).

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