Essay on Students and Social Service

By | January 3, 2019

Students and Social Service Essay (450 Words)

“Who can perform social service better than young energetic students fired with a passion to serve humanity?”

Social service a kind of service which facilitates the common people by the aid of the government or richer people. For example, facilities like those of education, medical treatment, free travel, free clothing, help the people struck by natural disasters (horrible accidents) like floods or earthquakes or drought (continuous dry weather) help parents to find their lost children, and so on are all social service. Let us see how our students can provide social service in different ways.

First of all, students can play an educational role in a very successful manner. They can teach illiterate people in villages and towns whenever they have free time. A school or college student can teach a class of workers at times during the week. A school or college student can teach a class of workers at times during the week. Some college students can stay-in villages in groups to teach villagers the languages and advanced agricultural methods.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Secondly, students can have discussions with common people everywhere on our social and political duties. We know how many of our social problems like putting garbage (waste material) at proper places on the roads and keeping the streets clean are important. Our students can tell people how to do it. Rather, they can take part in road cleaning and mending (repairs) themselves. Then our students, before and during elections, can advise common people to know how to vote correctly and wisely (judiciously).

Thirdly, students can work within social service organizations like the Edhi Trust, Ansar Burney Trust, the Red Crescent, etc. to provide help and guidance to the suffering humanity. They can, in their spare (leisure) time, assist helpless, poor and ill people in reaching hospitals. They can take out people from flood and earthquake-affected areas to safer places. They can, on top of all this, advise common people about ways of protecting themselves from terrorism.

Fourthly, students can arrange and organize clubs for the entertainment of children of the poor through games. These clubs can be of girls clubs organized by rich girls and of boys clubs organized by rich boys. Here girls and boys, coming from poor families, can play with rich students in a friendly atmosphere. Who knows many of these poor players will be famous players of tomorrow bringing honor to their country. In fact, social service on the part of students can become a habit and hobby. There are many, many ways in which students can be of service to society. They should improve themselves and then take others to the greatest heights of social behavior.

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Students and Social Service Essay (350 Words)

Students in a developing country like ours can and should work for social and national progress.

Firstly, our students, ‘especially in the colleges and universities, can educate the uneducated (illiterate) people. They can engage in a universal education programme, which may be arranged or sponsored by the government and rich industrialists, businessmen and landlords. Classes for children and adults (grown up people) can be arranged in schools, colleges, suitable government buildings, specially erected structures in open places and even in certain parks, gardens and fields. The students should teach not just to earn money but more to serve their dear nation and country. They should understand clearly that unless most or all of our people get educated, we cannot join the family of advanced or developed nations.

Secondly, students can take part in social welfare activities for general social progress. A wing of the Social Welfare Department may advise the different categories of our students about the work they can perform in their respective fields. For example (instance), the advanced university students can be asked to visit the inner city areas and villages to advise the people about the need for family planning or birth control. They can be asked to explain to the common people in frank talks or through speeches at crowded public places the benefits of honest living. The people should be made to feel that in business. Politics and in private and public dealings honesty brings real success. Junior students of colleges and high schools can engage in physical welfare work like road repairs and general cleanliness of the parks and grounds.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Thirdly, the senior students can assist the law-enforcing agencies in their work. For example, they can make reports to price-control agencies, about the high prices charged by shopkeepers. They can bring cases of corruption in government offices to the notice of the anti-corruption department. They can help the police in their action against anti-state elements like drug-addicts (those in the habit of taking drugs), criminals and smugglers.

Further, male students can join boy scouts’ squads (trained groups) and female students can join girl guides squads to provide different social facilities to the people in an organized manner.

It is the need of the hour for the government, social organizations and students to work in close cooperation for the advancement of the country.

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